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SCU Illuminate: The Millennials: Be not afraid.

Earlier this year, Santa Clara University’s Alumni Association invited me to share my thoughts and perspectives with the Bronco family. Here’s my first post.

5 November 2014 · Leave a comment

Tweet at us now.

So I’m on this thing called Twitter, and so is Jackie. She just pitted us against each other in a tete a tete. Who wins? Jackie! She is far … Continue reading

14 July 2011 · 7 Comments

My first Twitter post.

Hah: All A-Twitter I’m slow on the uptake with all the excitement surrounding Twitter’s award at SxSW (By the way, one day I’m going to go to that – for the music … Continue reading

2 June 2011 · Leave a comment

“Mayka Mei lives and breathes Moxsie…”

Mayka Mei lives and breathes Moxsie, the Palo Alto online clothing retailer that employs her. As its community manager, she is the social-media voice of the company on Twitter, Facebook … Continue reading

10 March 2011 · Leave a comment

“Any company who doesn’t give a voice to their Twitter account is completely missing the picture.”

Introducing one of my new favorite e-lationships, Crosby Noricks of PR Couture. Crosby is on top of it. She keenly talks the talk but also walks the walk. In the … Continue reading

8 March 2011 · Leave a comment

“So I was basically tweeting to myself for two years.”

Ricky Yean, the CEO of Crowdbooster, and I chatted over Skype about the world of social media. Thankfully, I brushed my hair that day, because the whole thing was captured … Continue reading

7 March 2011 · Leave a comment

Whattup, Comm Twelvies!

Hi all, Thanks for going to my talk and being seemingly forgiving with the spastic slideshow. If you’ve landed here I hope it’s because something in tonight’s discussion piqued your … Continue reading

10 February 2011 · 1 Comment

Sometimes I know what I’m twalking about.

4 Twitter chat tips From Mayka Mei, Moxsie’s social media manager: 1. Attribute. Always give credit when retweeting, reblogging or reposting pictures. “It gives them 15 seconds of fame, and … Continue reading

11 January 2011 · Leave a comment

Barry Libert’s Social Nation.

I have to apologize for recent passive-aggressive blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts referencing “GRAMMAR.” I stopped logging in to my LiveJournal account a long time ago, and I am fully … Continue reading

4 January 2011 · 3 Comments

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