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Cannes Cannes Cannes.

I’m back from the future. midem was an experience. Here are photos that don’t have to do with the conference.

Yes, oui Cannes!

Something old. Rue du Suquet.

Yes, oui Cannes!

Something new. Along Boulevard de la Croisette.

Yes, oui Cannes!

Winter sunset near the Palais des Festivals.

Yes, oui Cannes!

Cool winter colors.

Yes, oui Cannes!

Winter night lights.

Yes, oui Cannes!

You can’t help but admire the arches of these heels.

Did you know that the French government just started dictating when merchants can run their semiannual sales? It just so happened to be that almost every store in Cannes had a “solde” for 30%-70% off. Furla was right outside my hotel window, yet I still managed to return through SFO’s US Customs claiming absolutely no French purchases to my name. Nothing, zilch, nada. I’m quite impressed with myself.

More pics here.

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