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Now is the winter of our discontent.

Kevin Spacey affects another labored walk as a murderer for another script with a head in a box.

Wednesday was the opening for Richard III’s short run at The Curran, starring Kevin Spacey! It. Was. Fantastic. First off, this production was directed by Sam Mendes, who is currently off and busy directing the next Batman movie – And by Batman, I mean James Bond. (Thanks, Jason!) Second, it was not what I expected, which is to say: I got it.

Not to say I got it all completely. I’d need a 3-D family tree and a full course on the play to fully know every character. But by and large one sweep of RIII’s Wikipedia page was enough for me to get the main plot, because the entire production was modernized. Warlike drums even come through in a very Stomp-like approach. Most impressive was how they injected contemporary devices into the play. I got such a kick out of the press junket with staged reactions from Richard. It’s like it was lifted straight from some totally plausible TMZ broadcast where Kim Kardashian got offered a home shopping channel all her own, “Who? Me?” – Of course this would all make sense if you are able to Mendes’ interpretation of RIII.

Essentially I found it super clever and savvy. And I want Anne Neville’s shoes.

RIII pretty much sold out as soon as it was announced (only twelve shows slated), but I highly recommend it if you happen to be in one of its future touring cities. (And are not the most versed in Shakespeare’s lesser movie-adaptable plays.)

P.S. Still don’t know if Spacey is an asshole.

Disclosure: SHN is a client of Red Magnet Media and I’m so glad they actively bring theater into my life.

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