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Wook at what my widdle bunny wabbit dwew!

I’m proud of my Bill. Look at what he did! – Illustrated a book. (I guess I forget to state the obvious sometimes.)

Hop: Chicks Versus Bunnies

Aside from being the guy that cooks me dinner because I get home late from work, Bill is also my closest upstanding example of a diligent, dedicated freelancer. So many of his weekends went into this children’s book. He even did sketches on our flights in and out of Kaua’i. Click over to his blog to see a sketch from his process.

Guess we may just have to see Hop when it comes out. For now, you can pick up the book on Amazon. (Or at Target – Yes, I am quite pleased that the Emeryville location opened last weekend.) If you ask me, a children’s book purchase makes much more economical sense these days than toting all your kids to the movie theater (and placating them with popcorn and ice cream).

Russell Brand voicing a bunny in an animated kids’ film. Yeah, I know.

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2 comments on “Wook at what my widdle bunny wabbit dwew!

  1. Linda
    8 March 2011

    That book cover looks amazing! I love the disgruntled chick’s face.

    • The Maykazine
      8 March 2011

      Haven’t seen the movie yet, but so far my favorite is the wee bit dim chick.

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