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The Handsome G12.

When it comes to traveling, I’m an opportunist. Bill and I booked tickets to Kauai in September, and the discussion to do so didn’t even happen until a couple of weeks ago. Bill’s dad is a dentist, and it turns out dental conference attendees get big timer great rates on evenings at the St. Regis. Who am I to say no?

Of course this has my mind reeling in what I could possibly need for a trip to the islands. In ogling so many other people’s fantastic photos, a Canon G11 has been at the top of the list. Fortunately, I just plugged “Canon G12″ into Chrome, and whaddya know? Rumors about the possible new addition to Canon’s G line just started popping up this week! (EngadgetCrunch Gear. Slippery Brick.)

I’m highly interested in whatever the G12 will have to offer, so I’m considering saving my Kauai prep dollars for a We Are Handsome suit. Just so happens they’re on sale at!

We Are Handsome Los Angeles

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