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Coco for Ponoko!

Billiam and I went to Because We Can’s November Eat Food Talk Shop last night and I finally got to check out Ponoko’s studio. (Missed it at the Halloween EFTS.) There was so much inspiration shooting off the walls in that tiny room! Really makes me want to think of what I’d do if I had a million dollars 3D printer.

Check out their blog. So cool. It’s like Kanye West’s except not ghosted.

Alienology DualNexus Bracelet

That is a bracelet!! Via Ponoko Blog.

P.S. We also got the ant table! Pics coming soon.

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4 comments on “Coco for Ponoko!

  1. kseverny
    13 November 2009

    that is beautiful

  2. Jon
    30 November 2009

    Neat design… would like to see what it looks like flat and the process required to turn it into a 3D shape.

    Jon @

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