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Mayka Mei, influencing the masses.

(Seriously, I cannot stop throwing my full name into things. People need to stop addressing me as “Mayka Mei.” Even Billiam calls me “Mayka Mei.” And he lives in my house!)

Green Day. Musical. American Idiot. I was not impressed. I honestly didn’t think I would be. So why did I go?

This combination of punk rock and musical theater, of a Grammy-winning album and a Tony-winning director attracts both die-hard Green Day fans that do not typically attend plays and Broadway buffs that don’t typically listen to Green Day.

“We love musicals, we travel to New York to catch shows when we can” said Mayka Mei, who bought who attended Friday’s show with her friends, all of them taking advantage of the 30-Below discount. “And I love John Gallagher Jr.” she added.

-Arielle Little, “Anticipation Surrounds the Berkeley Rep’s ‘American Idiot'”, The Daily Californian

HELL YEAH, I DO! (Yes, give those Cal kids a break. The copy editors over there are probably plenty busy.)

Even so, I was kinder in my review than this Green Day fan and San Jose Mercury writer:

It’s not punk rock. It’s barely rock ‘n’ roll. It’s just big, loud, bland and intended for mass consumption. It’s the equivalent of Green Day night on TV’s “American Idol.” Where once there was fine Gouda, now there’s only pre-packaged Velveeta. In other words, it should do big business once it finally reaches Broadway.

-Jim Harrington, “Review: Green Day’s ‘American Idiot'”

He speaks the truth. Like I said, twasn’t my cup of tea, but I have high hopes for it inspiring the kiddies to go to the theater instead of the mall. (Though I guess one could argue that the mall is a theater at times…But not if you grew up in Fremont.)

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