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Dark Knighted.

Guess what I saw last night? Exclusive clip!

And as I left the theatre thinking “Wow, Christian Bale is so talented and keeps such a low profile,” I had no inkling as to the delicious headline that would pop up on Digg this morning: “Christian Bale Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Mother, Sister.”

Bale, arrested. Ledger, deceased. For reals, consider the intense potential repercussions of playing Batman, The Joker, or even Harvey Dent. I don’t know what Bale’s, Ledger’s, or Eckhart’s methods for studying their characters were. Yet a number of friends and I have concluded that playing such a sinister role as Christopher Nolan’s Joker must, to some degree, take a toll on a person. The themes are complex in Dark Knight, which I love, and I think male emotion and attachment has got to be in there somewhere.

When it comes to the most widely known comic book superheroes, Batman has always been my favorite. He has cool gadgets, his moves are sleek, and everything about his image is just stealthy and sexy. However. He also represents the type of man I always want to see fall. He’s a womanizer, and like so many men are (I’m not talking about aspiring womanizers here.), I will always be unable to fully empathize with them. Maybe it’s envy. Not even “penis” envy, just a simple frustration that someone can get all they want based on looks and access (to money, shiny things, fancy friends).

Batman’s loaded, and that’s cool, but does he really need to flaunt women around and use them like that? I get it, he’s emotionally empty. (Or “retarded,” as Deepak Chopra said on my recent most favorite Daily Show, ever.) I also understand that the girls he gets also play into this game of using and being used. But that’s just weak. It just makes me want to see players get played more and then lose in the game of life. It’s very difficult for me to see the justification for bedhoppers. I have an inexplicably impenetrable moral code, and in my reality sleeping around makes you a slut.

I just called Batman a ho. I think this is a much larger discussion best saved for another time.

At first I thought the hype about Heath Ledger deserving an Oscar for his performance was all a bunch of just that – hype – but after seeing DK, I must say I was really impressed. He was absolutely creepy and has furthered my deep-seeded aversion to clowns.

Really enjoyed the script of the movie. It wasn’t painfully campy as so many comic-film adaptations are wont to be. In fact, it had some awesome gems to it. Just enough one-liners that seemed very easily translatable between cinema and comic book.

Before we jump to potential spoilers, I’d also like to publicly state that I think Maggie Gyllenhaal’s droopy face is reminiscent of that of a Saint Bernard. Particularly her mushroom nose. (It’s cute!) I think she’s a great actress and she gets extra points for being a face for Agent Provocateur (I also wouldn’t be a true pretentious and exclusive 24-year old if I didn’t mention Secretary.), but there’s an undeniable heaviness to her face. Though she smiles, she seems sad – or at least deep. Quite frankly, it’s refreshing to see an unconventional beauty capture Bruce Wayne’s heart. (And she was so close to breaking it! Damn.) She is quite perfect with the stoic and broody Peter Sarsgaard.

I absolutely love the game theory and social experiment they throw in with the ship situation. Anyone who’s interested in the way people think individually and, sometimes conversely, en masse, should consider the hypothetical at some point in their lives. The first time I heard of “the ship activity” was in a room full of classmates who helped out in the Multicultural Center. You think you know a person, and then they accuse you of being a sap or lacking compassion. It’s an eye-opening activity. (It was posed differently to us then, but I was of the mindset that you should kill the other people. I believe I said “Well somebody has to survive.” Of course, I have no plans to actually test out what I would actually do and I hope I never need to.)

The cinematography was awesome, particularly the use of dark and light – which I suppose is an overall theme in any superhero story, anyway. In the interrogation room, Joker’s face hovered in black. In the abandoned warehouse, Dent’s face glowed, but only the Dent side of it. Perfectly crafted, it was wonderful.

The music’s also awesome. Violin shrills will forever transport me back to last night’s screening of DK. The use of dissonant sound reminded me of Jonny Greenwood’s score for There Will be Blood. Very emotional milkshakes.

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5 comments on “Dark Knighted.

  1. Carlos
    22 July 2008

    I concur. Especially about Maggie’s face.

    Batman. Best. (Super)Hero. Ever.

  2. themaykazine
    22 July 2008

    Okay, cool, I was worried someone would virtually kick my ass for aligning Maggie Gyllenhaal to a beloved breed of canine.

  3. sfurbanist
    23 July 2008

    what an excellent post, mayka. sad to find out that my newsies hero is not the man i wanted him to be, but the part about maggie gyllenhaal made me crack up!

  4. themaykazine
    23 July 2008

    Don’t worry, apparently his mom insulted his wife, and since only a child truly knows his or her own mother, he may have had reason to “fly off the handle,” as the media said. Innocent until proven guilty, right? :)

    Maggie really does have a droopy dog-ness to her face!

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