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Thoughts on Prince. [+Updates!]

We saw Prince live on Saturday, and it was amazing. The air? Electric. Some thoughts.

18 March 2014 · 1 Comment


Our first Valentine’s Day was a test of cleanliness.

14 February 2014 · 1 Comment

Thirty days of thirty.

I finally caved and booked some time with a chiropractor – which, interestingly enough, has spurred me into a “reclaim thyself!” mode fitting for the over-emphasized resolutionary month of January.

30 January 2014 · Leave a comment

Ten albums of questionable significance.

Iris tagged me in a chain status (So glad we’ve moved on from chain letters; what a disrespect to trees!) to “list ten albums that have stayed with you over the years in some way.”

9 January 2014 · 2 Comments

A very long-time-coming engagement.

This story ends exactly how you think it will, and in the best way it possibly can.

11 November 2013 · 16 Comments

This guy asked me where I am from before I was born. That is some intense grocery checkout conversation.

8 September 2013 · 2 Comments


There comes a point in every woman’s walk along a crowded urban street where she wonders: Will he act on it? Will he follow me down the street? Will he spit on my shoes? Will he tell his friend the latest one-liner about my ass in a loud stage whisper?

31 July 2013 · 5 Comments

On mosquitoes.

When I tell people, “I’m that person who gets bitten all the time,” they often reply the best way they know how, which is by dispensing advice for someone who doesn’t have a fucking clue what a mosquito is.

26 July 2013 · 3 Comments

I think I just ruined someone’s day.

I was at Craftsman & Wolves, paying for my sandwich and pastry to go, when “Creep” came on over the airwaves. The cashier and I started going “Whoa-oa-oa!” in throwbackers’ delight.

17 June 2013 · Leave a comment

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